Geomag  panels  gallery

GEOMAG spheres and rods

Welcome to the interactive Geomag panels gallery. Here You can find photos of various models built from toy GEOMAG.

Geomag, a magnetic educational toy, is more than a puzzle, sport or hobby. Geomag is everything you want. Mainly, it's great fun!

Geomag spheres and rods

The principle is simple: metal spheres are attached with magnetic rods. By combining enough spheres and rods, you can create variations limited only by your imagination.

Geomag penetrates the secrets of science and technology even as you stimulate your creativity and technique.

Geomag panels

There are many variations of GEOMAG. This pages, however, is devoted to "GEOMAG PANELS". These colorful plastic panels are used for greater strength and stability. There are four panel shapes: triangle, rhomboid, square and pentagon. These shapes are inserted between the spheres and rods as a reinforcement, increasing strength and adding color.

For fun, visit Geomag calculator and calculate how many elements (spheres, rods, panels) you have; set it on your computer as a Cookie. Then, when viewing this gallery, you can see the number of marked models that you can build with your available inventory.

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